Swab, science..cash settle paternity

Posted on Feb 24,2013       

Swab, science and cash settle paternity


Q.        I dated a woman for a few months.  We broke up. 

Then I got "the"� call.

"Congratulations daddy."�

I'm somewhat suspicious about this because I heard, while we dated, she was simultaneously dating another guy.

What can I do to find out if I am the dad?

B.B., Readville


A.        You are right to not confront the mother with your concerns. She called you. That means she is likely to get upset, either justifiably or to try to perpetuate a fraud.

            You need to go to your local drugstore and pay about $30 to buy an "Indentigene DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit."�  After visiting with the mother and child a few times, you casually suggest that if she wanted to go out one day for a few hours, you'd be glad to watch the baby.  Then, on the day she leaves, you take out the kit and use the sterile cotton swab provided to swab the inside of the baby's mouth.  Then you carefully place that sample into the envelope provided in the kit. 

            Later that same day, you swab the inside of your mouth and put that sample into the envelope provided.  Then send the package off to the lab with a check for about $130. 

Then you wait. 

            I suggest you pay cash for the kit and use cash to buy a money order to pay the lab its testing fee.  That way there'll be no paper trail that could come back to haunt you in case the test comes back showing you are the dad.

            When you get back the lab test, you'll know, to a 99 percent certainty, if you are the dad.

            Years ago, it was mom's word against the guy's word.  And maybe there'd be a claim the baby looked like the dad. 

Nowadays, we don't take anyone's word.

Isn't science wonderful?