Summer Visitation Woes


            Posted on Jul 5,2009    .     

            Summer Visitation Woes

Q. I got divorced about a year ago. Our divorce agreement says each parent can choose one two-week summer vacation time with our son.

When I told my ex- I wanted two particular weeks in August, she told me "no"� because she already has plans. And she refused to provide me with any alternative dates.

What are my options?

  V.T., Erving

A.  Your one option is to file a complaint for contempt against you ex-wife in the same court that entered the divorce. There is a package of information you can get at the courthouse from the Lawyer for the Day or the counter-clerk which explains how to fill out a complaint for contempt, file it, and get the summons served.

Because time is so short, on the day you file the complaint also file a motion which sets for the facts you told me, go before the motion session judge right away and request an early return date, before your ex goes off on her trip.

The judge should make short work of this; and order that you get two weeks in August for a vacation with your son.