Paternity test.


            Posted on Jul 15,2007   

            Paternity test.


Q.    I'm the father of a 2-year-old girl.  Her mother is in the States illegally and may soon be deported back to Brazil. 

She wants the child to remain here with me. But I'm not on the birth certificate.

I'm trying to get some info on what I might do and, if so, what I might be getting myself into.

 S.V., Cambridge.


A.    The short answer is that you got yourself into this when you chose to have unprotected sex.  Since this isn't a public health column, I'll let the lecture end there.

You and the mother can file a joint petition to establish your paternity.  The probate court will insist the three of you be tested.  Once the test comes back positive, the court will enter judgment that you're the dad. 

At that point, you'll be on the hook for child support until the kid is emancipated, which may be up to age 23. 

Pay attention here:  This means you'll be paying child support even if the child moves back to Brazil with her mother!  Get the point?