Visitation's a right


            Posted on Sep 5,2010  

            Visitation's a right

Q.  While living in Washington state, I had a now 9-year old daughter with my ex-girlfriend. After we split, she married and moved first to Hawaii and now Idaho.  I married and moved to Norway.

All along I've kept in touch with our daughter by sending cards, presents, talking on the telephone, email, and seeing and taking her on visits when finances permit.  Suddenly, the mother said she's not going to let me continue seeing our daughter.

What can I do to fix this?

 P.S., Norway


A.    Since your daughter never lived in Norway, it doesn't have jurisdiction to make any child-related orders.  You need to file your complaint in Idaho asking for visitation.

That means you'll submit yourself to the personal jurisdiction of Idaho. And, when necessary, you'll have to appear there in court.

Visitation with your child is a right. Helping to support your child is a responsibility.  So, if you're not now paying child support, expect that after the mother is served with your complaint, she'll quickly ask the Idaho court to order you to pay child support.

If you're voluntarily paying some child support, the mother can still ask the Idaho court to order you to pay more.

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