made alimony deal now he wants out


            Posted on Sep 7,2008

            Ex-hubby made alimony deal, now he wants out.

Q.   When I got married, I was a school teacher. When our first of three children were born, my husband convinced me to stay home and be a caretaker. Ten years later - divorce city!

We agreed on child support. He didn't stand in the way when I moved to California with the kids to earn a master's degree. My husband refused to pay indefinite alimony, saying he wanted to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We agreed he'd pay alimony for 10 years no matter what.

I got my MBA in three years and then got a $75,000-a-year job, with yearly increases. Now, five years after our divorce, my ex-husband filed a modification asking the court to end the alimony.

What are his odds of winning?

S.L., Laguna, CA

A. Zero, nada, zilch.

He got what he wanted which was contractual alimony. Your side of the coin means, except if you went onto general relief, a court would not award you either more alimony or extend alimony beyond 10 years. The other side of that coin is that the court won't reduce or shorten his alimony obligations.

If he feels trapped, he has only himself to blame. Had he agreed to alimony which had no cutoff date, which lawyers call "indefinite alimony,"� he could now ask the court to reduce or end alimony. On the other hand if he now earned a lot more money, you could ask for increased alimony.

Making any deal has risks and rewards. He got what he paid for, which you turned into a good deal for you. You go girl!