Filing for dollars


            Posted on  Sep 6,2009   

            Filing for dollars

Q.   I got divorced two years. I was awarded $250 week in child support.
Does child support ever increase with the cost of living? Do I have to pay a lawyer to go back to court? I'm worried that the cost of a lawyer won't equal the increase in child support

W.D., Acushnet

A. The only way you'd get an automatic consume price increase is if you and your ex had agreed to it. However, the child support guidelines which went into effect last January 1st provide that after three years a child support is again calculated, that number automatically becomes the new order.

So go to the court to get the pamphlet on how to file your own modification. The lawyer for the day can give you some help if you meet low income guidelines.

Then file your complaint right after the three year mark, and serve your ex with the summons, a motion for a change in the child support, a copy of your new financial statement, and a demand for his new financial statement. Also get a copy of his last year's W-2 and copies of his last three wage stubs.

Use that information to fill in the blanks on the worksheet for the child support guidelines. That result of that calculation will be the amount of your new child support order. And, you can do this without a lawyer.