mom seeks price on custody fight


            Posted on Dec 11,2011  

            Mom seeks price on custody fight.

Q.        I'm a single mom with $2,000 to spend to hire a smart, tough lawyer who knows his or her way around the courtroom and who will fight hard for a modification to get full custody and to get child support back to where it belongs. 

Any suggestions?

M.B., Watertown

A.        You can only get a modification if you prove there's been a substantial change in circumstances that occurred since the last time a judgment was entered in your case.

If you only seek more child support and a few years have passed since the last order, then you only need- and you might find- a young lawyer who'd take your case for a flat $2,000 fee.  That's because the process is straight forward.  You file and serve your complaint for modification and then demand an updated financial statement from the child's father.  Once you know his gross income, you plug that number into the child-support calculation sheet to see what the new order will be.

However, custody cases take lots of time, are very expensive and have numerous nasty twists in the road to judgment.  In addition, no matter who 'wins', the child loses. 

There are many lawyers who fit your description.  But even if you had money to burn, you should think carefully before jumping through the rabbit hole into Alice's "Wonderland"�.