2006 archive




04-16-2006 With court help, support payments can be reduced.

04-23-2006 Paternity, finance records are key to securing support.

04-30-2006 Hubby has solid claim on house.




05-07-2006 Be certain you're the father before paying child support.

05-07-2006 Not good judgment.

05-14-2006 Ex-wife should pay you child support.

05-21-2006 Give it another shot - with conditions.

05-21-2006 Old flame, new child.

05-28-2006 Demand kids' college records before continuing support.

05-28-2006 Father out of the picture!




06-04-2006 No getting out of tough bill.

06-04-2006 Lesson learned.

06-11-2006 Green card doesn't give him green light to deceive.

06-11-2006 Missing husband.

06-18-2006 Divorcing Wife's kids.

06-25-2006  Promise to love, honor  - but first, get a prenup.





07-02-2006 For kids' sake, quietly take a stand against cheating husband.

07-02-2006 Fair is Fair.

07-09-2006 Don't let illness threaten financial health.

07-09-2006 Lawyer's claim too late.

 07-16-2006 Don't  let visitation issues ruin weekend.

07-16-2006 Securing nephew's visa.

07-23-2006 Turn to police and courts for protection from abuser.

07-30-2006 Father faces legal battle over keeping kids in U.S.

07-30-2006 Anonymity honored.




08-06-2006 Law will help mom reclaim kids.

08-06-2006 D�j� Sue.

08-13-2006 Put wife's claim to drug test.

08-13-2006 A second opinion.

08-20-2006 Rehab mom must put son's interests first.

08-20-2006 Child support woes.

08-27-2006 Revising child support not that big a gamble.

08-27-2006 Do the math.




09-03-2006 Paternity mess.

09-3-2006 Seek help to recover from hubby's actions.

09-10-2006 You cannot  buy custody, but you sure can try

09-10-2006 The numbers don't lie

09-17-2006 Judge should know of income disparity.

09-17-2006 Cost of divorce.

09-24-2006 Higher ed means higher costs.

09-24-2006  Ex-con gets no break.




10-01-2006 Child-support payments add up.

10-01-2006 No extra visitation without substantial change.

10-08-2006 Take kidnap threat seriously.

10-08-2006 New wife's income impacts child support.

10-15-2006 Check into court orders for collecting child support.

10-15-2006 Critical of Aslm to none.

10-22-2006 Do the math before inking deal.

10-22-2006 No personal replies.

10-29-2006 Threat of jail might loosen scofflaw husband's wallet.

10-29-2006 You have to keep paying alimony.




11-05-2006 Check in with DOR for verification.

11-05-2006 Judge was wrong.

11-12-2006 Roomie may curtail visitation.

11-12-2006 Moving back in isn't remarriage.

11-19-2006 Courts back you up on arrears.

11-19-2006 Dad doesn't have to pay for private high school.

11-26-2006 Sex not primary issue in custody.

11-26-2006 Keep your present lawyer.




12-03-2006 Don't raise alarm on taxes.

12-03-2006 Call DOR to stop deductions.

12-10-2006 Treaty will end wife's flouting visitation.

12-17-2006 Spend money on kids, not court.

12-24-2006 Haste makes case for custody.

12-24-2006 Can I keep the engagement ring?

12-31-2006 Stay aware for child's safety.

12-31-2006 Dad can't treat son like old baggage.