2007 archive




01-07-2007 Twins double need for help.

01-07-2007 Hubby won't get part of post-separation inheritance.

01-14-2007  When a home becomes just a house.

01-14-2007 Original court keeps jurisdiction.

01-21-2007 Wise to settle if figures are close.

01-21-2007 Take test to see if you're off the child support hook.

01-28-2007 First wife must be told of divorce.

01-28-2007 Court will let 14-year-old move in with Mom.




02-04-2007 Wannabe parents mull birth rights.

02-04-2007 Ex-wife can get big increase in child support.

02-11-2007 Give wife house, bank on future.           

02-11-207 Not a good case for alimony.

02-18-2007 House cleaning should involve hubby.

02-18-2007 What can I do to force my daughter to take medication?

02-25-2007 One man, one judge, two ex-wives.

02-25-2007 File for divorce in Mass if grounds occurred here.




03-04-2007 Husband on Wife's case in divorce.

03-11-2007 Husband should be accountable for bankruptcy.

03-11-2007 Cut it out.

03-18-2007 Get a grip on physical custody.

03-25-2007 Taxing decision: Alimony or child support?

03-25-2007 Let's get physical.





04-01-2007 Money's easier to fix than custody.

04-01-2007 Wage war.

04-08-2007 Jail stint may give ex incentive to pay.

04-08-2007 Crystal clear.

04-15-2007 Judge will make tardy ex pay on time.

 04-15-2007 Prognosis: Ouch!

04-22-2007 Dad asks if state is two-timing him.

04-22-2007 Split ends.

04-29-2007 Judge listens to children, no kidding.




05-06-2007 Is inherited vacation house at risk?

05-06-2007 Pay to go your way.

05-20-2007 Pension causes tension.

05-27-2007 It's divorce time, grab a calculator.

05-27-2007 Firm numbers.




06-03-2007 Pension mumbo jumbo needs deciphering.

06-10-2007 He helped her through med school.

06-10-2007 Income hijinks?

06-17-2007  How to make the law work for you.

06-17-2007 Heed threats.

06-24-2007 Good lawyer key to custody battle.

06-24-2007 Worth the fight.





07-01-2007 Law's on your side vs. jerk husband.

07-01-2007 Did you say 15?

07-08-2007 Hubby questions strength of prenup.

07-08-2007 Father figures.

07-15-2007 Cash may sway greedy daughter-in-law.

07-15-2007 Paternity test.

07-22-2007  From Russia, with custody issues.

07-22-2007 Refusing visitation.

07-29-2007 Put aside differences for daughter's sake.

07-29-2007 Coming out ahead.





08-05-2007 Wife wants her share of French bread.

08-05-2007 Daddy duty.

08-12-2007 Mom bedeviled by son's guardian angel.

08-12-2007 Dirty deed.

08-19-2007 Putting the cart before the divorce?

08-26-2007 Young Russian bride dumps Old Fool.

08-26-2007 Alimony Mess.





09-02-2007 Mediation's great - but lawyer up, too.

09-02-2007 Pension tension.

09-09-2007 Check, please: Wife's leaving restaurateur hubby.

09-09-2007 Cents and sensibility.

09-16-2007 Dad seeks custody when ex-wife falls ill.

09-16-2007 Short on support.

09-23-2007 Passive strategy best in custody fight.

09-23-2007 Military maneuvers.

09-30-2007 Ex's health consumes fool hubby.

09-30-2007 Butting in.




10-07-2007 Take it slow when grandparents have custody.

10-07-2007 Kids dislike mom.

10-14-2007 Reader: Exercise restraint with court orders.

10-14-2007 Do the math.

10-21-2007 Stay the course in battle with erratic ex.

10-21-2007 Calculating question.

10-21-2007 23 skidoo.

10-28-2007 Erratic mom unlikely to be granted custody of kids.

10-28-2007 Born-again dad.




11-04-20007 Mom should call the shots in visitation debate.

11-04-2007 Dad loses family, job.

11-11-2007 Wife: Does hubby have monopoly on royalties?

11-11-2007 Property boundaries.

11-18-2007 Pressing charges vs. violent wife is best move.

11-18-2007 Social insecurity.

11-25-2007 She's an attorney, but the law is on his side.

11-25-2007 Sweating the equity.




12-02-2007 Mom will likely pay for ex's broken promise.

12-02-2007 Where there's a will.

12-09-2007 Mom's child support question: How much longer?

12-09-2007 Twice as nice.

12-16-2007 Irish ire: Husband wants contact with kids.

12-16-2007 Pension apprehension.

12-23-2007 With hubby on move, wife needs to lawyer up.

12-23-2007 House keeper.

12-30-2007 What are the odds of splitting jackpot with ex?

12-30-2007 Healthy decisions.