2008 archive



01-06-2008 Hubby's equity-pension trade isn't equitable.

01-06-2008 Alimony groaning.

01-13-2008 No visible means of reducing child support.

01-13-2008 Copy catalyst.

01-20-2008 File complaint over ex's breach of trust.

01-20-2008 Call a caseworker.

01-27-2008  After pain of adultery, adults must move on.

01-27-2008 Battle bogus bill.




02-03-2008 GAL no pal to frazzled father seeking son.

02-03-2008 Half-hearted support.

02-10-2008 Breaking up without breaking the bank.

02-10-2008 Boyfriend seeks GAL.

02-17-2008 All depends on definition of shared custody.

02-17-2008 How long?

02-24-2008 Dad looks to catch a break on child support.

02-24-2008 Deadbeat dollars.



03-02-2008 From here to paternity: A call for more testing.

03-02-2008 Not working.

03-09-2008 If you're truthful visitation with son is likely.

03-09-2008 Ring master?

03-16-2008 Ex-hubby's in contempt, take him to court.

03-16-2008 Help wanted.

03-23-2008 Contesting support may cost you in long run.

03-23-2008 Head games.

03-30-2008 Enlisting expert help will pay dividends.

03-30-2008 Back to the judge.




04-06-2008 Ex's boyfriend won't factor in child support.

04-06-2008 Credit justice.

04-20-2008 Why didn't lawyer bring up wife's assets?

04-20-2008 Overpaying in N.H.

04-27-2008 Vanishing ex is back, looking to collect.

04-27-2008 Eyes on the pie.




05-04-2008 File subpoenas to obtain ex's financial data .

05-11-2008 Judge ordered life insurance, ex isn't paying.

05-11-2008  What's the damage?

05-18-2008 Ex-husband may learn expensive lesson about fraud.

05-18-2008 Her choice at 18.

05-25-2008 After seven years, he's itching to split 401(K).

05-25-2008 Lawyer subject to same standard as others.




06-01-2008  If junior has your DNA, judge'll order you to pay.

06-01-2008 Delayed divorce.

06-07-2008 Wife seeks share of landlord hubby's assets

06-07-2008 Don't blame yourself

06-15-2008 Wife fears hubby may kidnap future kids.

06-22-2008 Finances complicated for divorce-bound amputee.

06-22-2008 Mutual benefits.

06-29-2008 Beware: Ex may be using daughter as leverage




07-06-2008 Beatles' settlement bugs reader.

07-06-2008 NH child support ends at eighteen.

07-13-2008 Pakistan to Mass., divorce knows no boundaries.           

07-13-2008 Lotto ticket tiff.          

07-20-2008 How does he get ex-wife to pay owed alimony?

07-27-2008 Time to clean up post-split financial mess.

07-27-2008 Dad attitude.




08-08-2008 Build your case, then hit him with complaint.

08-03-2008 Hired gun.

08-10-2008 When parents kidnap, it's about control

08-10-2008 Worried husband.

08-17-2008 In order to un-form an imperfect union.

08-17-2008 Four warned.

08-24-2008 She needs help in Netherlands custody case.

08-24-2008 Am I paying too much.

08-31-2008 Foreclosure raises issue about ex's property.

08-31-2008 Premium problem.




09-07-2008 Ex-hubby made alimony deal, now he wants out.

09-07-2008 Same-sex divorce.

09-14-2008 If secretly taping ex's calls press STOP

09-14-2008 Assault revisited.

09-21-2008 Cheating hubby gets his signals crossed.

09-21-2008 Kidnapping clause.     

09-28-2008 A-Rod thanking. lucky star for pre-nup

09-28-2008 Owe? No you don't.




10-05-2008 Consult case worker on child-support issue.

10-05-2008 Divorced dudes' dilemma.

10-12-2008 Dad balks at unorthodox lie-detector test.

10-12-2008 Alec lacks smarts.

10-19-2008 Wife opposes circumcision decision.

10-19-2008 Wary of Sherry.

10-26-2008 Finding comfort in social security.

10-26-2008 Dividing 401(k) is piece of QDRO.




11-02-2008 Judge should know about ex's meltdown.

11-02-2008 She's ill, no will

11-09-2008 Ex claims hubby tricked her in settlement.

11-09-2008 Half-empty Split decision.

11-16-2008 Wife may be cheating, but don't bug her.

11-16-2008 Work harder; pay more.

11-23-2008 Ex-husband seeks input on alimony.

11-23-2008 On the move.

11-30-2008 Prenup deal has a familiar ring to it.

11-30-2008 If it ain't broke.




12-07-2008 Man feels he's getting jobbed in split.

12-07-2008 Child-support laws.

12-14-2008 Help! Ex-hubby moved my kids to Maine.

12-14-2008 Teen trims visits.

12-21-2008 Turkish wedding causes divorce drama.

12-21-2008 Are we done yet?

12-28-2008 Reducing alimony when out of work.

12-28-2008 Adopting grandchildren.