2009 archive



01-04-2009 Complaints may stop ex's parasite taunts.

01-04-2009 Hazy on the details.

01-11-2009 Hire lawyer, seek anger counseling.

01-11-2009 Ex on the lam.

01-18-2009 When divorce and job loss intersect.

01-18-2009 Home security.

01-25-2009 Jail awaits dad, unless he pays up.

01-25-2009 Calif. Case.




02-01-2009 Fling taps woman between liar, his wife.

02-01-2009 All bets are off.

02-08-2009 Don't bet the house on lawyer's ethics.

02-08-2009 Tapped out.

02-15-2009 Ex-wife not so collegial about college costs.

02-15-2009 Partners.

02-15-2009 Free advice.

02-22-2009 Children's fate rests in hands of good GAL.

02-22-2009 Timing is everything.




03-01-2009 Call custody cease-fire, for children's sake.

03-08-2009 Wife tries to corral support for horses.

03-08-2009 Less is more.

03-15-209 Court: Caring for kid trumps sick mom.

03-15-2009 Self-defense.

03-22-2009 Different rules for civil vs. criminal contempt.

03-22-2009 Separation anxiety.

03-29-2009 Case puts custody modification to the test.

03-29-2009 Ex-aspirated.




04-05-2009 Affair settlement?

04-05-2009 Diplomacy.

04-12-2009 Ex inquires about past debt, with interest.

04-12-2009 Payin' relief?

04-19-2009 Here or in Cambodia, one marriage at a time.

04-19-2009 Visitation wanted.

04-26-2009 Get hubby's earnings out from under table.

04-26-2009 Make it official.




05-03-2009 Property division headed for rabbinical court.

05-03-2009 Get to work.

05-10-2009 Porn find spurs divorce, concern for daughters.

05-10-2009 Rocky relations.

05-17-2009 Think of prenup cost as insurance policy.

05-17-2009 Dirty deed.

05-24-2009 Seek court's help to get custody, stay safe.

05-31-2009 Even with job, getting custody will take work .

05-31-2009 What if...?




06-07-2009 Mom, Kids dealing with ex-ploitation.

06-07-2009 Tiff over pill bill.

06-14-2009 She got the house, he got the pyramid.

06-14-2009 Hubby's stonewalling

06-21-2009 Mom: Will new guidelines up child support.

06-21-2009 Judge has leeway.

06-28-2009 Get legal counsel, not marriage counseling.

06-28-2009 Will Brits honor prenup?




07-05-2009 Vacation with son will require legal work.

07-05-2009  Avoid alimony pounding.

07-12-2009 Regarding support, ball's in court's court.

07-12-2009 Short answer.

07-19-2009 Friendship after split is relative term.

07-19-2009 Back pay.

07-26-2009 Mom's case hinges on who lad sees as dad.

07-26-2009 Troubled in Argentina.




08-02-2009 Accept Ex's relocation, focus on visitation.

08-02-2009 Incarceration.

08-09-2009 He fears unhappy wife will move, take kids.

08-09-2009 Jury Trial?

08-16-2009 Go to court to battle kid-stealing grandma.

08-16-2009 Custody claim.

08-23-2009 Does dad pay for daughter with child?

08-23-2009 Alimony keeps on going until the court changes the order.

08-30-2009 Holiday with kids on hubby's Xmas list.

08-30-2009 Disappearing words.




09-06-2009 To get child support reduced, go to court now.

09-06-2009 Filing for dollars.

09-13-2009 Two needs: Lawyer, wife's financial records.

09-13-2009 Divorce, Jersey-style.

09-20-2009 No scam - judges appoint best GAL for the job.

09-20-2009 So-and-so's dough.

09-27-2009 Child-support duty doesn't end with diploma.

09-27-2009 Benefits due?




10-04-2009 Boyfriend saddled with financial baggage.

10-04-2009 Chile Relations.

10-11-2009 Can't sue ex's attorney for doing good job.

10-11-2009 Rising son.

10-18-2009 Wife's cheating doesn't mean he'll get kids.

10-18-2009 Goin through motions.

10-25-2009 They're going to Disney World! - maybe

10-25-2009 Ex-asperted.





11-01-2009 Arbitrator can help with split decisions

11-01-2009 Straight talk, please.

11-08-2009 Petition court to appoint guardian ad litem.

11-08-2009 Still waiting.

11-15-2009 Custody query: 2 kids, 2 different answers.

11-15-2009 Rio reality.

11-22-2009 Alimony payer critical of Mass.

11-22-2009 Hague on your side.

11-29-2009 Courting support from a deadbeat ex.

11-29-2009 Financial follow-up.





12-06-2009 Unhealthy mom stresses kids.

12-13-2009 Wrestling with educational costs v. child support.

12-20-2009 Consider trying some open-wallet therapy.

12-20-2009 Overpaying?

12-27-2009 Will prenup stand up in Tiger divorce?

12-27-2009 Survivor wonders.