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01-03-2010 Take him to woodshed

01-03-2010 Ex's loss should mn bump in child support

01-10-2010 Ex wants to cut support, college-fund cash

01-10-2010 Fuzzy with math

01-17-2010 Ex has issues: handle situation with care

01-17-2010 Seeking fairness

01-24-2010 Wife looks to resolve pension tension

01-24-2010 Rock, hard place

01-31-2010 Rocky custody battle with Granite State Ex



02-07-2010 Family Values

02-07-2010 Now Dad wants custody - any grandfather clause?

02-14-2010 Unfair affair? e-mails got her fired not him

02-21-2010 Drunk driving rap has him in poor spirits

02-21-2010 Test Case

02-28-2010 Retirement costly for divorced ex-judgee


03-07-2010 Seeking reassurance about insurance

03-14-2010 To split her state mandate one year wait

03-21-2010 Under hypnosis, daughter claims abusee

03-28-2010 Couple should detail pre-marital specs.


04-04-2010 Need quickie divorce? Dominican Republic

04-11-2010 When marriage goes south of the border

04-18-2010 Recapping long distance custody battle

04-18-2010 Hiring a P.I.

04-25-2010 Recession made already tough split worse

04-25-2010 College Crunch


05-02-2010 Fight for your right to speedy trial

05-09-2010 Push for chunk of ex's benefits

05-09-2010 Kid Glovess

05-16-2010 Irate reader prompts useful feedback..

05-16-2010 Trust a tax lawyerr

05-23-2010 Custody battle pits cousin v cousin

05-23-2010 Perth control

05-30-2010 Hubby tried to save face on loan scandal

05-30-2010 Clinical Trial


06-06-2010 Ex is long gone put plastic debt looms

06-06-2010 Ease the payin

06-13-2010 Ex's job as girlfriend not paying gig.

06-13-2010 Count your blessings

06-20-2010 Court likely to back Mom v Grandparentss

06-20-2010 Degrees of Separationn

06-27-2010 First priority, nurture bond with kids

06-27-2010 Analyze this


07-04-2010 Making sense of common-law marriage

07-04-2010 Beware fraud fight

07-11-2010 Legitimate request for help , or a scam??

07-11-2010 Greece is the word

07-18-2010 French custody battle looks bad for Dad

07-18-2010 Anonymous and nervous

07-25-2010 Retiree might be on hook for ex's insurance

07-25-2010 Bad News


08-01-2010 Homecourt advantage?

08-01-2010 Marital assets are worth fighting forr

08-08-2010 Matters of Fact

08-08-2010 Out of rehab, dad wants to regain custody

08-15-2010 How does ex's remarriage affect pension

08-15-2010 Getting personal

08-22-2010 Pre-nup and trust are best insurance.

08-22-2010 Mercy of the court

08-29-2010 Stay-home divorcee does OK at tax time

08-29-2010 Silence is best


09-05-2010 Visitation's a right

09-05-2010 Worthwhile to file for increased child support

09-12-2010 Dad wants visitation, but is he clean?

09-12-2010 UAE custody rules

09-19-2010 Divorcing polygamous man tricky

09-19-2010 College Lesson

09-26-2010 Don't go after $$

09-26-2010 Too late for proper divorce settlement?


10-03-2010 He's raising niece, fears sis wants her back

10-03-2010 Payments Due?

10-10-2010 Mass. Divorce law not perfect, but fair

10-17-2010 Judge likely to OK move if best for kids

10-24-2010 Prenuptial contracts: The ABCs of PMAs

10-24-2010 BF's income irrelevant for child support

10-31-2010 Bid for reduced child support not worth risk

10-31-2010 Alabama ex factor


11-07-2010 Divving up deductions from home payments, taxes

11-14-2010 Wife fears giving her the business

11-21-2010 Tackling visitation when ex moves to Germany

11-21-2010 Pension retentionn

11-28-2010 IRA fair game in alimony

11-28-2010 Wise to keep deadbeat Dad at arms length


12-05-2010 You have a right to refute GAL's report

12-05-2010 Right on the Money

12-12-2010 Ditch engagement ring and move on

12-12-2010 Support keeps going and going

12-19-2010 Dad's paid support, now it's back to court

12-26-2010 Take him to court to resume support