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01-02-11   Feel the love, but do the needed legwork

01-09-11  Seeking a boost.

01-09-11    Dad's devoted, but boy needs mom time, too.

01-16-11    When marriage headed south, he did too...

01-23-11    Shocked, shocked at request for deposit. 

01-30-11    Husband has good case for custody of girls.


02-06-11    Mom fears dad may try to take son again.

02-13-11   Dad wants more time with the children.

02-20-11   They're mixing business, displeasure.

02-27-11    In Massachusetts, inherited assets start off in the marital pot.

02-27-11    Hubby wants lowdown on down payment split


03-06-11   Wife has big concerns about big move.

03-13-11   Airport showdown won't help, could hurt.

03-20-11   Alimony blues.

03-20-11   She suspects hubby makes more than pizza dough.

03-27-11   Ex hubby's fight for kids seems personal

03-27-11   On solid ground.



04-03-11   Hubby's moves have her sweating the future.

04-03-11   Two minus one.

04-10-11    Ex should wait for bigger payout.

04-10-11   All's 'fair' in alimony.

04-17-11    Ex paying now for putting off child support.

04-17-11    Pension apprehension.

04-24-11     Modest alimony reduction not worth fight.

04-24-11     Beginning of the end.


05-01-11     Felon father's feelings stir parental emotions.

05-08-11    Hitch in hubby's tractor-trailer plans.

05-15-11    Brit fears financial hit from split.

05-15-11    Keeping it amicable.

05-22-11    California dreamin' about lower child support

05-29-11    Take wife's screaming as a call to action


06-05-11    Japanese court not likely to back dad's case.

06-05-11    Don't fight it. 

06-12-11    Due diligence the smart move before marriage.

06-12-11    Special situation.

06-19-11    Reluctant father is wrong about his rights

06-19-11    Down and out of cash.

06-26-11    Dad worries about small-fry with baby mama

06-26-11    Biz split possible

  • Jul

    07-03-11    House hubby deserves share of ex's assets.

    07-10-11    Grandparent distraught over custody loss

    07-17-11    Birth certificate can prove fatherhood.

    07-24-11    Sweet talk needed in Swedish custody case.

    07-24-11    Escape plan.

    07-31-11    Ex-hubby should seek order for wire transfers.

    07-31-11    Preventative measures.


    08-07-11    Put down roots to prove domiciliation.

    08-07-11    Mediation?

    08-14-11    Wife needs help putting house in order.

    08-14-11    Bill a bitter pill.

    08-21-11    Gather some facts, then head to court

    08-28-12    Now teens, kids want less time with Dad.



    09-04-11    Take ex back to court for misrepresenting income

    09-04-11    Missing the kids.

    09-11-11    Addict dad wants to see more of son.

    09-11-11    Hubby gone missing.

    09-18-11    Green card could add red tape to split.

    09-25-12    In the end, home is where the equity is.

    09-25-12    London brawling.


    10-02-11    After no-contact order, get out in a hurry.

    10-09-11    Kazakhstan on horizon for long-distance dad.

    10-16-11    Long-lost dad has tough road ahead

    10-16-11    Nephew's keeper.

    10-23-11    Ex all lawyered up? 'Fight fire with fire'.

    10-30-11    Loose-lipped therapist imperils custody fight.


    11-06-11    Gay hubby puts wrench in marriage.

    11-13-11    Summon courage to ask for support reduction

    11-20-11    Russian bell of the bar claims it's your child

    11-20-11    Get papers in order before divorce notice.

    11-27-11    Easy way to settle appraisal dispute.



    12-04-11    Playing percentages in sale of home

    12-11-11    Mom seeks price on custody fight.

    12-11-11    Invalid quickie divorce

    12-18-11    Picking your battles saves cash, strife.

    12-18-11    Happy holidays.

    12-25-11    Law is on her side in resolving beef.