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01-01-12   All dad wants for Christmas is kids back

01-08-12   Alimony laws change, but hubby has to pay.

01-08-12    Changing lawyers.

01-15-12    Ex worried about new alimony law.

01-22-12    Don't give in to controlling husband.

01-29-12    Stay-at-home dad now shut out from kids


02-05-12    Consultation is first step in split-up

02-12-12   Shut out by mom, dad wants parenting time.

02-19-12   Common-law status may help single mom.

02-26-12    She's hoping ex still owes child support.


03-04-12   Abusive ex-husband unlikely to fool judge

03-04-12   Secret family

03-11-12   Illness might make for healthy asset split.

03-11-12   Child support

03-18-12   The lowdown on down payment split

03-25-12   Start partnership with premarital agreement.



04-01-12   French leave not advised for abused wife.

04-08-12   Legal terms that can tip scales of justice

04-15-12    No, you don't owe the IRS, but ext might

04-22-12   She needs legal split from man in Pakistan.

04-29-12    Lowering alimony unlikely in this case.

04-29-12     Prepare valid prenuptial agreement


05-06-12     Stirring incentive for ex-husband to pay up

05-06-12    Payment on marital debt not taxable income to wife

05-13-12    Do your homework on premarital agreement.

05-13-12    There is a light at the end of the child support tunnel.

05-20-12    Home value is where the haggling is.

05-20-12     Modification is a risky road

05-27-12    Judge should agree, time for hubby to pay up.


06-03-12    Mom's worried deadbeat dad will kidnap son.

06-10-12    Ex's gifts don't change child support deal.

06-17-12    Father set for day to end child support.

06-17-12    Care to Share?

06-24-12    Son favors living with absentee father.


  • Jul

    07-01-12    Runaway mom wants back in on parenting.

    07-08-12    Ponzi scheme muddles divorce settlement.

    07-15-12    Split-up has her questioning pre-marital deal

    07-22-12    Seal pre-marital deal before tying the knot

    07-29-12    Son, mad at mother, claims abuse.



    08-05-12    With patience, she should prevail.

    08-12-12    Anger has ruined your marriage and could ruin you, too

    08-12-12    Why didn't you answer me more quickly and personally

    08-19-12    Judge's order complicates inheritance

    08-26-12    Despite blood test, she's still your child



    09-02-12    Hubby's surprise move leaves NZ wife in a tizzy.

    09-09-12    Judge cannot force Ex to work

    09-16-12    Underemployed dad should get a break

    09-23-12    Ex reneges on son's college costs.

    09-30-12    Legal fees could surpass child support.


    10-07-12    Ex stole nest egg, now she wants alimony.

    10-14-12    Should inheritance be included in prenup

    10-21-12    Does back injury excuse ex from paying back alimony.

    10-28-12    Moving son out of state a big problem.



    11-11-12    Fighting lawyer over fees a risky move.

    11-18-12    Custody case belongs in Kiwi court, for now.

    11-25-12    Dismissal of divorce would make her vulnerable.


    12-02-12    Mass. Custody laws better for gay mom.

    12-09-12    Millionaire dad should set children up

    12-16-12    Prison-bound dad concerned about child custody

    12-23-12    Real dad's right to custody trumps adoption

    12-30-12    Mom wants kids returned to home in Egypt