2013 archive



01-06-2013 Expert needed to gauge value of business.

01-13-2013 Cash isn't 'alimony' without written agreement 1

01-14-2013 Cash isn't 'alimony' without written agreement 2

01-20-2013 Court has ultimate power to modify custody.

01-27-2013 Retiree wants to reduce child support payments.


02-03-2013 Ending wage garnishment for ex's bills

02-10-2013 Mom must double down in custody battle.

02-24-2014 Swab, science and cash settle paternity.


03-03-2013  Abuse victim should leave state before baby's birth.

03-04-2013 Sue for STD.

03-10-2013 Greek dad wants to retain visitation rights.

03-17-2013 Dad questions another state raising child support.

03-24-2013 Ex wants first option to buy marital properties.

03-31-2013 British decision leaves no room for extras.


04-07-2013 Canadian prenup likely to be legal in Mass.

04-14-2013 Unhappy father-to-be hurries home to NZ. 

04-21-2013 Dad's custody request concerns stay-at-home mom. 

04-28-2013 Father's only option: Pay child support. 


05-05-2013 Kids' safety at heart of custody question. 

05-12-2013 Woman entitled to share of ex's Army pension

05-19-2013 Contempt case against ex-wife has flaws. 

05-26-2013 Ex-husband tried to go into hiding after divorce. 


06-02-2013 Husband pulls a disappearing act.

06-09-2013 Man says ex-wife tricked him into being a dad.

06-16-2013 Is husband trying to pull a fast one?

06-23-2013 Odds favorable for adopting stepdaughter.

06-30-2013 Tax wise, dad has no claim on son.


07-07-2013 U.S. Constitution supersedes Islamic law.

07-14-2013 Ex-husband accused of violating restraining order. 

07-21-2013 Dutch wife's 'vacation' can't last forever.

07-28-2013 Send ex a request for estate documents.


08-04-2013 Habitual residency key in custody battle.

08-11-2013 This dad ordered to pay 29-year-old son.

08-18-2013 Dad's worried about losing shared custody.

08-25-2013 Woman offered bad deal for share of ex's business.


09-01-2013 Court can't alter alimony in independent contract.

09-08-2013 Listening on home phone isn't wiretapping.

09-08-2013 Varying pay means varying alimony.

09-15-2013 New child support guidelines affect old order.

09-22-2013 Ex wants his fair share of home's equity.

09-29-2013 Dad concerned about ex's drug use.


10-06-2013 Judgments must be made in home state.

10-13-2013 Dad worries ex might abduct children.

10-20-2013 Unmarried couple face tax.

10-27-2013 Wife who got pregnant during affair makes inquiry.


11-03-2013 Alimony adjustment shouldn't be a hard sell.

11-10-2013 Court where child resides has jurisdiction.

11-17-2013 Paying ex's bills doesn't excuse alimony.

11-24-2013  Lies come with cost in alimony case.


12-01-2013 Moves complicate informal custody agreement.

12-08-2013 Wife wants son away from philandering husband.

12-15-2013 Mom wants travel restrictions for son to end.

12-22-2013 Ex. must tread carefully in ending alimony.