2014 archive


01-05-2014 Seek court's help to refinance house.

01-12-2014 Re-educate ex on son's college loans.

01-19-2014 Prenup can't dictate custody, child support.

01-26-2014 Short fling leads to question of paternity.


02-02-2014 Man surprised by request for child support.

02-09-2014 Mom wants to modify parenting schedule.

02-16-2014 Mom debates how to send son to college.

02-23-2014 Parental rights block grandparent's visits.


03-02-2013 Laid- off ex wants to modify support payments.

03-09-2013 Affairs don't dictate custody decisions.

03-16-2013 Woman worries about terms of prenup.

03-23-2013 Man hopes to retain his pre-marriage assets.

03-30-2014 Courts have duty to uphold laws, not morality.


04-13-2014 Woman entitled to half of vet's disability.

04-20-2014 Mass. Recognizes divorces granted abroad.

04-27-2014 Past troubles, court order haunt father.


05-04-2014 Ex's appeal spurs concern about legal fees.

05-11-2014 Parent wants to change daughter's name.

05-18-2014 Couple left waiting for judge to review stipulation.

05-25-2014 Outdated law says couple is guilty of adultery.


06-01-2014 If state of marriage isn't good, does state of residence matter?

06-08-2014 Don't introduce new beau before divorce.

06-15-2014 Wife entitled to alimony in same-sex divorce.

06-22-2014 Mom preps to challenge custody transfer.

06-29-2014 Wait for judge's OK to take ex off insurance.


07-06-2014 Potential inheritance affects divorce rulings.

07-13-2014 Mediation gives parent more control, costs less.

07-20-2014 Couple needs help dividing collectibles fairly.

07-27-2014 Time to give up on overdue child support.


08-03-2014 Mom doesn't want to return to Brazil.

08-10-2014 Man needs to request a paternity test.

08-17-2014 Ex-wife obstructs father's parenting time.

08-24-2014 Mom thinks parenting plan is unfair.

08-31-2014 Dad wants daughter in college, not Army. 


09-07-2014 Cohabitation can count in alimony calculation.

09-14-2014 Tort action may compensate for husband's abuse.

09-21-2014 Restraining order blocks access to workplace.

09-28-2014 Forward-thinking husband sure made some dumb moves.


10-05-2014 Dad's expenses rise as he spends more time with kids.

10-12-2014 File for international divorce after a year in state.

10-19-2014 Dad must support unemancipated daughter.

10-26-2014 Dad wants son to have relationship with uncle.


11-02-2014 Dad wonders which state has jurisdiction.

11-09-2014 Couple should consider joint custody of pets.

11-16-2014 Immaculate conception vs. child support.

11-23-2014 Separate parenting time, new relationship.

11-30-2014 Woman considers a prenup for pups.


12-07-2014 Threat of tax fraud may prompt wife to come clean.

12-14-2014 Cracking the code of divorce acronyms.

12-21-2014 Alimony unaffected by intentional pay cut.