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01-04-2015   Income increase doesn't affect alimony

01-11-2015   Mom plans to move out of state with son

01-18-2015   Husband wants to secretly record calls

01-25-2015   Husband suspects wife as been cheating


02-01-2015   Seeks permanent guardianship through court

02-08-2015   Use Child Support to leverage parenting time


03-01-2015   Dad threatens Mom with Kidnapping complaint

03-08-2015   Religious woman seeks annulment

03-15-2015   Set deadline for Ex to retrieve belongings

03-22-2015   Couple disagree on splitting home equity

03-29-2015   Ex is due more alimony per SJC ruling


04-05-2015   Put police on private investigator's tail

04-12-2015   Dad wants to use Facebook as evidence

04-19-2015   Parent hopes to claim kids on taxes

04-26-2015   Custody plan seems too good to be true


05-03-2015    Lawyer-for-the-day can help in divorce filings

05-10-2015    Dad needs international custody lawyer

05-17-2015    Veteran hopes to reduce child support

05-24-2015    Woman wants quickest path to divorce

05-31- 2015   Mom can’t afford to help pay kids’ tuitions


06-07-2015    Dads question how courts handle paternity

06-14-2015    Dad’s best bet is to seek shared custody

06-21-2015    Man cannot force wife to stay married

06-28-2015     Mom uncomfortable with custody visit


07-05-2015   Judge must report tax fraud after trial

07-12-2015   Craft prenup that works across borders

07-19-2015   Stupidity doesn’t equal abuse- Part 1

07-19-2015   Stupidity doesn't equal abuse- Part 2

07-26-2015    If ex has funds, judge will make him pay


08-02-2015     Parents disagree on religious upbringing

08-09-2015     Accidental contact doesn’t violate order

08-16-2015      Adult child worries about inheritance

08-23-2015      Man weighs divorce laws in different countries- Part 1

08-23-2015      Man weighs divorce laws in different countries- Part 2

08-30-2015      Child support modifiable when income changes


09-06-2015        Dad's parenting tactics cause concern

09-13-2015         Determining custody in kidnapping cases

09-20-2015         Court can make dad pay support through college

09-27-2015         Vested stock options get divided equally


10-04-2015          Dad wants wife to return kids to U.S..

10-18-2015          Business appraiser helps set value of assets

10-25-2015          Parents who kidnap liable for legal fees


11-01-2015          Domicile key in custody/kidnapping cases

11-08-2015          Domicile determines where case is heard                 

11-22-2015          Mom wants to get kids back from abusive dad

11-29-2015          Dad wants mom to return some to home in Japan


12-06-2015            Russian mom discovers dad moved kids to Mass

12-13-2015            Wife doesn’t plan to return home with kids

12-20-2015            Texas dad should have filed Hague case

12-27-2015            Understanding U.S/ Brazil custody battles