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01-03-2016 Defense arguments in Hague kidnapping cases

01-10-2016 Homemakers, breadwinners often split assets

01-17-2016 Witness preparation is valuable to case

01-24-2016 Stock options can affect child support order

01-31-2016 Husband's companies count as assets


02-07-2016  Dig deep, skip ads to find good trial lawyer

02-14-2016  Witness preparation varies by country

02-21-2016  How to prepare for the witness stand

02-28-2016 Spouse will end up paying for financial trickery


03-06-2016 Haitian divorce is valid in Massachusetts

03-13-2016 Judge can divide nonmarital assets

03-20-2016 England, US approach alimony differently

03-27-2016 How US, UK tax laws treat alimony differently


04-03-2016 Some property transfers aren't taxable

04-10-2016 Retiring before divorce raises red flag

04-24-2016 Diagnosis should prompt judge to end support


05-01-2016 Do the math before modifying alimony

05-08-2016 Ex-wife asks for alimony-four years later

05-15-2016 Ex refuses to follow court order

05-22-2016 Save money by selling shared property

05-29-2016 Figure out deductions on alimony, mortgage


06-05-2016 Dad lets daughters party at his house

06-12-2016 Dad wants to move, take son to Brazil

06-19-2016 Wife wants to protect kids from abduction

06-26-2016 Dad wants parenting time if kids go overseas


07-03-2016 Parent worries ex won't return kids from trip

07-10-2016 Mom, grandma should avoid custody battle

07-17-2016 Biological parents win custody by default

07-24-2016 Advice lays groundwork for fair plan in divorce

07-31-2016 Army spouse stationed abroad wants kids


08-07-2016 Parents need access to info about kids

08-14-2016 Exes need plan for kids' medical emergencies

08-21-2016 Put protecting kids' safety in writing

08-28-2016 In parenting contract, plan for future spouses


09-04-2016 Set up daily activities chart for kids

09-11-2016 Display kids' activity charts in both homes

09-18-2016 Dad prepares for overseas custody battle

09-25-2016 Ex waived right to assets during divorce


10-02-2016 Guy says he didn't consent to IVF fatherhood

10-09-2016 Don't give in to wife's out-of-line demands

10-16-2016 Mom wants to move, take kids to Ohio

10-23-2016 Ex took alimony for years after remarrying

10-30-2016 Dividing assets fairly in post-retirement split


11-06-2016 Drop in salary will lower child support  

11-13-2016 Let expert draw up forms to avoid taxes   

11-27-2016 Mom flees country, controlling husband                                


12-04-2016 Mom worried dad planning to kidnap sons

12-11-2016 Husband worried wife lied on tax forms

12-18-2016 Court unlikely to split premarital assets

12-25-2016 How to prove husband's cash-based income