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This publication is intended to be used by people who are genuinely concerned that their child might be kidnapped or, sadly, whose child has been kidnapped by a former spouse, partner, or other family member. Perhaps this information will provide some ideas of what to do, where to go, and what kinds of things can be done to try to prevent a kidnapping or to help get the child safely returned. While much of the material in this publication focuses on children who have been taken out of the country, most of the information also is applicable to cases in which the child remains in the United States.

This material does not mean to suggest or imply that there will likely be a kidnapping every time there is a divorce, separation, or problem between the parents of children. As with all aspects of a child's life, each parent needs to assess his or her own situation and do what he or she thinks is appropriate and necessary to protect the child.

The following information and ideas are not meant to be provided as legal advice; as a substitute for legal advice; or as the only ideas, remedies, or methods to be used in applicable situations. Rather, this information is presented for such help as it may be, with the only advice being get yourself a lawyer who is an expert in matrimonial law and who has experience in this area of the law.