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Things to Keep on Hand

All Parents Should Have These Items on Hand at Two Different Locations

Keep these items at the homes of two different friends. In this way if one friend is away, you still will have access to these items when you need them. If you use a safe deposit box at a bank, you will not be able to gain access to these items on weekends or after hours.

You may never have to use any of the above items, but it is better to have them and never use them than to not have them should the need arise.

Before you get into a situation where you are concerned about your spouse kidnapping your child, try to create and maintain an atmosphere of a joint parental effort to do things that are in your child's best interests. Look at things from your child's point of view.

Even if your child is kidnapped by someone other than your spouse, these items will be needed by and useful to the police.

    Several recent color photographs of the child and parents. These photographs should be taken on a frequent basis because as the child grows his or her appearance often changes dramatically. If your child is missing, you will need to give these photographs to the police, press, and others. They can do a better job if they know what your child looks like in a recent photograph.

    A list of any scars or unusual physical characteristics, height, weight, hair and eye color.

    Two sets of your child's fingerprints—ask your local police department to take fingerprints and to give you the copies.

    List of all passport numbers and the countries that issued them.

    List of all driver's license numbers and automobile registrations, serial numbers, type and model of vehicles.

    List of all credit cards, bank accounts, and social security numbers.

    List of all the names and numbers of negotiable securities and bonds.

    List of the names of all stock brokers and the numbers on all brokerage accounts.

    List of the numbers of all Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and other retirement accounts, including the name of the bank, mutual fund, etc. that holds these accounts.

    List of all information about any other asset that is converted easily into cash, such as jewelry, oriental rugs, and expensive camera equipment. Also take photographs of each such item.

    Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of your spouse's family members and close friends.

    List of all magazine subscriptions and other subscriptions, including account numbers and who has control of the change of address process.

    The location of the local post office where a change of address can be filed for your address.