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Things to do After the Court Order

  1. Obtain several certified copies of the order granting you temporary custody or sole legal custody, care and control, and sole physical possession. Send a copy of this order to the U.S. Department of State, Office of Passport Services to ask for or to follow up on your request for a passport lookout.

  2. Give certified copies of the court order to:
    1. local police department and local station house
    2. school principal
    3. home room teacher
    4. course teachers
    5. recess supervisor
    6. cafeteria supervisor
    7. school nurse
    8. school bus driver
    9. anyone else at the school or elsewhere who may have your child for activities, such as music or band, sports, play, etc.

  3. Give certified copies of the court order to neighbors and ask them to help by watching your house at every opportunity and to warn you if they even think they see your spouse.

  4. Give certified copies of the court order to your child's pediatrician, dentist, orthodontist, and other health care providers.

  5. Give certified copies of the court order to anyone else who may come in contact with your child at a time when you might not be present.

  6. Personally accompany your child to and from school and after school or other activities.

  7. Frequently remind the school of the continued need to be ever alert to the possibility of a kidnapping.

  8. Reread and apply, as necessary, the information in Things to Do to Try to Prevent a Kidnapping

  9. Distribute photographs of your spouse.
    1. Attach a recent photograph of your spouse to the copies of the court order so that your spouse can be identified more easily should he or she come near or onto the school ground.
    2. Provide the people with a recent color photograph of your spouse that has been taped to a piece of paper on which you have written DO NOT, RELEASE [child's name] TO THIS PERSON!