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Excellence in the Practice of Matrimonial Law ™

We often see clients who are looking for second opinions on thier cases, especially in high net worth cases where there is so much at stake for the parties.

We can add an objective eye , and in some situations we have been uncover evidence to have the court change thier decision in favor of our clients.

In medical situations of critical importance it is a standard way to do things, we think of divorce in exactly the same way.

 Even in the most complicated cases, with the most complicated of assets, it is possible to advise a client about the likely outcome of a split once there is adequate disclosure. Often cases are prolonged due to delays in disclosure which are more tactical than factual and having skills in keeping a case moving to conclusion we find is best for our clients.


With our experience we can provide details of similar cases with specific result and even longer term outcomes for the parties and family and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your case and concerns.