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Divorce & Second Opinions

In serious medical situations, it is not unusual to consult with another physician to make sure you have full knowledge of your condition, range of treatment options, and potential outcomes.

Likewise, we often see clients who are looking for second opinions on their cases, especially in high net worth, complex international, child custody, child kidnapping and other complex, high stake, cases.

Some areas we are typically asked to cover include:

  • How to go around or through road-blocks to discovery

  • Uncovering and valuing all assets

  • Assessing the need for psychological, medical, valuation, tax, and other experts

  • Navigating International divorce or custody issues

And, even in the most complex cases, once there is full disclosure and valuation of assets and knowledge about all other issues, we can provide our opinion of the range of outcomes in your case.

Because of our experience, we also can provide examples of results in similar cases. Put a bit differently, your case will not be “our first rodeo”. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your case and concerns.

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